Our Range of Imported Products:

  • Erikli Water
  • Hamidiye
  • Danone Akmina
  • Empire Rice
  • Berrak
  • Smart Chips
  • Geisha
  • Harrissa Le Phare
  • Emirates Royal
  • Jil
  • Alok
  • Uludag Beverage

  • The Hamidiye spring water is one of the finest water in Turkey.It has the lowest level of sodium (1.1 mg/litr) and lowest level of chloride(0.84 mg/litr) and it's filled through the air enriched with ozone method.

    The Hamidiye water company was established in 1902 by Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamit II. It's one of Istanbul's oldest brands and has a indispensible tastes.

    Produced in partnership with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Hamidiye Water A.S. provides ISO & HACCP water not only to Istanbul and Anatolia but to 27 nations. It's not just its taste and quality that is interesting but its historical and cultural tale, one which has become identifiable with Istanbul and which makes it appealing.

    DID you know that?
    • Hamidiye water is drawn from 15 wells that go 200 meters into the ground under Belgrade Forest.
    • Certified by the International Institute (ITQI) and based in Brussels for being high-quality drinking water.
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